Our Philosophy

Our success depends on the value we provide to our clients through Integrity, Excellence, Objectivity, Dependability, Teamwork and Community.


We are committed to the highest levels of honesty and ethical standards. We strive to communicate openly and clearly, to understand and be understood, to put our clients’ needs first, to stand behind our work, to deliver our promises and to watch-dog our insurance-carrier relationships to make sure that they too keep their promises.


Our objective is to exceed our clients’ expectations in everything we do . . . in developing cutting-edge planning ideas, obtaining the most competitive insurance products in the marketplace, providing pro-active service and monitoring and tracking the performance of our clients’ insurance portfolios. Gateway Financial has earned its reputation as a leader in one of the most elite insurance market niches in the nation. Gateway Financial strives to ensure that the quality of our work is among the highest in the insurance industry.


In some situations, new insurance or replacing existing insurance just doesn’t make sense . . . and we’re the first to admit it. When insurance is the right solution, Gateway Financial serves as an independent insurance buyer on behalf of our clients. We are not obligated or biased towards any one or two insurance carriers. Our recommendations are based on objective quantitative and qualitative studies of carriers and products in the marketplace.


Our clients depend on us to deliver on our promises – whether it’s today or decades into the future. We take this trust seriously and have built, staffed and operate our firm accordingly. Gateway Financial clients are clients of a firm – not clients of an individual insurance agent – not clients that are orphaned and are forced to deal with the bureaucracy of insurance carriers when their agent leaves the business. This is an important distinction. It means that a well-trained and competent associate is and will be there to deliver on our promises in a timely manner.


Many of our clients are surrounded by a team of advisors – experts in their fields – who help them make all the right decisions . . . for all the right reasons and ensure on an ongoing basis, without client worries . . . that things are done right. These clients are our favorite clients – not because they need the most insurance, but because their advisors think the way we think. We embrace the opportunity to serve on the advisor team. This teamwork approach gives us an opportunity to shine. As a result, we meet more and more advisors and are referred to more and more clients.


We can only be as strong as our communities. If they have a diverse, thriving economy, we as a business, will benefit. For this reason, as well as believing that it’s the right thing to do, Gateway Financial provides both financial support and people power to a wide variety of community programs.