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Elizabeth Hirsh

Director of Insurance Design and Analysis

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier

Elizabeth “Lizzy” joined the Gateway Financial team in June of 2018. With a skill set comprised of an aptitude for problem‐solving, bulls‐eye focus, strong analytical experience, attention to detail, a penchant for organization, extensive knowledge of insurance products and exceptional communication skills, Lizzy is ideally suited to conduct and explain insurance audits.  She can tackle the most complicated, challenging and information‐sparse insurance portfolios, analyze, organize and summarize the portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, communicate findings in a clear, understandable way so that clients and their professional advisor team can make educated decisions dramatically impacting their estate plan.

While insurance audits for new clients are Lizzy’s primary focus, as Director of Insurance Design & Analysis, she is also accountable for a whole host of activities as she strives to do what is best for Gateway’s clients, to deliver on our commitments and to keep our clients happy. Some of these activities include:

  • Identifies the risks inherent in each life insurance product, stress‐tests those risks and determines the effect on policy performance and discloses results to clients and their advisors.
  • Compares the performance of the various life insurance products in the marketplace on a risk-neutral and objective basis to identify the most competitive products available based on the client’s preliminary underwriting offers, risk tolerance and funding objectives.
  • Maintains competitive studies for each type of life insurance product (i.e., whole life, general account universal life, indexed universal life and variable universal life for both single‐life and survivorship products and term insurance). Each study compares and ranks the performance of the product offerings of major insurance carriers on a risk‐neutral and objective basis.
  • Meets with new clients and their advisors to assess their objectives and risk tolerance, to help them to understand their existing policies and to determine if their coverage meets their needs.
  • Coordinates the implementation of all policy changes resulting from insurance audits and Benchmark Report meetings and prepares and delivers updated comprehensive insurance portfolio summaries to clients and their advisor teams.
  • Following preliminary underwriting, prepares a summary of viable products from multiple carriers, which lists each carrier, their Comdex (financial strength) rating, the product name, the premium cost and the death benefit rate of return at the client’s life expectancy based on the client’s preliminary underwriting offers, risk tolerance and funding objectives for presentation to the client and their professional advisor team.

Lizzy resides in Bethel Park, PA with her husband, Chris and their dog, Nova.  She enjoys yoga, traveling, watching baseball, and spending time with friends and family. Fun fact: Lizzy graduated college in only 3.5 years and is pursuing her Fellow of the Society of Actuaries designation.

Education & Affiliations:

  • Ohio University, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a focus in Actuarial Science and Minors in Finance
    and Spanish.
  • Relay for Life & American Cancer Society, Volunteer