M Financial Group

Gateway Financial is a member of M Financial Group, an exclusive consortium of 155 independent insurance advisory firms in 40 states, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates serving affluent individuals and Fortune 1000 companies. M Financial was founded in 1978 on five fundamental principles:

  • Wealthy individuals live longer, buy higher insurance amounts and lapse fewer policies, so they deserve better pricing than the average insurance buyer.
  • Insurance products should be soundly-priced, creditably illustrated, well serviced and continuously monitored to effectively meet policyholder needs and objectives.
  • If insurance products perform better than originally priced, product gains in excess of original profit margins should be paid back to the policyholder in the form of improved policy performance.
  • Insurance carriers should treat policyholders fairly with insurance profits equitably allocated among all groups of policyholders; not just new policyholders.
  • Each type of insurance product carries certain risk factors and some product types have more than others. These risk factors should be disclosed to the insurance buyer so that they and their advisors may make an educated decision as to the most suitable insurance product for them.
  • Since its inception, M Financial has used the collective strength, expertise and influence of its member firms to work closely with many of the nation’s most prestigious insurance carriers to develop innovatively-designed and institutionally-priced insurance products rooted in these fundamental principles. Over the past 20 years since the first M-priced product was introduced, there have been 54 inforce product re-pricings, covering 18 products from four carriers resulting in $200 million of cost reductions.

Today, M member firm clients, including the clients of Gateway Financial, have exclusive access to more than 30 M-proprietary products.

Gateway Financial joined M Financial Group in 1989 to enhance its ability to better-serve its clients.  Similar to all member firms of M Financial, Gateway Financial acknowledges that we can achieve more for our clients as a part of the M Community than we can on our own.

One benefit of being part of this community is that all member firms are expected to share common values reflecting the highest level of professional and ethical conduct in the marketplace. Member firms are also expected to share their ideas and expertise with other member firms.  When member firms grow and enhance the professional talent in their individual organizations, M improves its collective ability to address the needs of the upscale marketplace and the success that results is shared by all member firms and their clients.

M Financial Disclosure Statement