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Lindsey Bracco

Director of Marketing and Technology Strategy

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin

Lindsey joined the Gateway Financial team in September of 2019 as a Business Development Associate. With a strong foundation in sales, recruitment, and marketing, Lindsey quickly demonstrated exceptional skills in communication, organization, and business development. Over time, Lindsey’s dedication and expertise led to significant growth within the company, ultimately earning the role of Director of Marketing and Technology Strategy. Lindsey oversees and drives Gateway’s marketing and technology strategies, leveraging extensive background to align the firm’s initiatives with industry trends. As the primary liaison with the Technology Managed Service Provider (MSP), Lindsey ensures comprehensive and timely technology-related support for all employees.

Through the development of strategic marketing plans, the implementation of technology-driven solutions, and the identification of business development opportunities, Lindsey plays a pivotal role in optimizing Gateway’s overall business performance. Close collaboration with the executive team allows Lindsey to enhance brand presence, support Joint Venture partnerships, and position the firm for sustained growth and success. In this role, Lindsey:

  • Facilitates and leads monthly firmwide meetings, providing updates on Joint Ventures’ progress and performance, and ensuring smooth organization and coordination.
  • Cultivates strategic partnerships with key advisors and management in the Ultra-High-Net-Worth (UHNW) area, enhancing Joint Ventures’ influence and market presence. Oversees communications, strategic planning, and collaborative efforts with Joint Ventures to convey their value effectively.
  • Collaborates with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) to develop and execute a technology strategy aligned with Gateway’s goals and objectives. Manages vendor relationships, stays updated on technology trends, and aligns technology investments with strategic objectives.
  • Aligns technology investments with strategic objectives, monitors and manages expenses, and oversees the performance and outcomes of technology initiatives. Collects and analyzes data, prepares reports and presentations, and communicates the value of technology investments to the executive team.
  • Collaborates with the executive team to develop comprehensive marketing strategies aligned with Gateway’s goals and objectives. Ensures regulatory compliance, creates personalized email campaigns for partners, and conducts industry research to determine effective marketing channels and tactics.
  • Attends conferences, events, and webinars stay updated on the latest technology trends, industry developments, and best practices relevant to Gateway. 

Lindsey resides in Wexford, PA after 14 years in New York City.  She enjoys working out, attending social events, traveling, cooking and spending time with her family and friends.  Fun fact:  Lindsey has performed in over 25 stage and TV/film productions as a professional dancer.

Education & Affiliations:

  • Point Park University, Bachelor of Fine Arts (2006)
  • Finseca, Member
  • Actors’ Equity Association, Actor