Our Team

We believe that our firm is our people. Our team members are not simply order-takers…they think before they act and take pride in what they do. They are people who are dedicated to the highest work quality, meticulous attention to detail, continuing education, and an esprit-de-corps attitude. Our team believes in an older, more enduring service mentality that encompasses values such as personal attention, empathy, sincerity, anticipation, discretion, trustworthiness, and follow-through. Unlike the staffs of many other insurance firms, our team focuses most of their time servicing existing clients rather than developing new clients.


Beth Lang, CLU


David J. Malone, CLU, ChFC

Chairman & CEO

Team Members

Margaret A. Archinaco, CRC

Senior Vice President

Jennifer Abbott

Director of Insurance Design & Analysis

Amy B. Azzarello

Executive Assistant to David J. Malone

Lindsey Bracco

Director of Business Development

Kelly Chermak

Director of Corporate Benefits

Nicole Cosnotti

Client Service Manager

Laurel Kentzel-Kavic

Managerial Accountant / Financial Analyst

Richard I. Lerach, CFP©, AIF©


Jill A. McArdle

Director of Underwriting

Bryan E. McMahon, CSSCS

Compliance Officer /
OSJ Supervisory Principal

Elizabeth Roth

Policy Administrator & Case Designer

Oakes Salancy

Relationship Manager

Kevin Siebert


Wanda M. Wyborski, CLU

Policy Performance Analyst